Watch FIFA Women’s World Cup Live Online

FIFA Women's World CupThe 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup is set to start on July 20th. It is one of the most important tournaments on the international stage. The senior women’s national teams all play against one another for the honor of their countries. The current champions going into the event is the United States. You can watch the event using Fox or Peacock in the US or BBC in the UK. There are many broadcasters for the Women’s World Cup around the world. However, the matches they are showing may differ by region. This because of the differing broadcasting rights. Meanwhile, geo-restrictions will block some viewers from watching it live. Join us as we go over how to stream FIFA Women’s World Cup with a VPN. 

How to Watch FIFA Women’s World Cup with a VPN

Here’s a quick guide for watching FIFA Women’s World Cup matches with a VPN.

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  • Launch the ExpressVPN app and select a server in your chosen region.
  • Cheer on your favorite team through Fox, Telemundo, BBC, ITV, Seven Network, or any of the popular streaming services that broadcast the matches.

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Use a VPN to Bypass Women’s World Cup Blackout Restrictions

Before we go into further depth on how to watch the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup let us tell you more about how a VPN can benefit you. One common problem for people wanting to watch is geo-restrictions and differing broadcasts by region. A VPN can help you gain access to events around the world. It will mask you current IP address and give you a new one from the region of your choosing. If you select a place where the event is being stream then you can watch it. Along with this, the VPN will change protect your privacy by encrypting your data. The Women’s World Cup is a major event that is watched worldwide. However, it is not always easy to find who the broadcasters are.

Here are list of some broadcasters to watch the 2023 Women’s World Cup:

  • North America: Fox, Peacock, Telemundo, Bell Media
  • Europe: BBC, ITV, RTVE, France Télévisions, RAI
  • South America: Casimiro, Globo, TVP
  • Asia: Mediacorp, Singtel, Seven Network

Women’s World Cup History 

The Women’s World Cup started in 1991. The first tournament was held in China. The tournament is held every 4 years. The United States has been the most successful national team overall. They have won 4 titles. Germany is the second best nation winning twice. Currently, the US and China are tied towards the most times hosting the competition. Also the UEFA confederation has the most finals appearances. 2023 marks a significant landmark as Australia and New Zealand are the first countries to co-host the event. It also the first time it has been held in that part of the world.

The FIFA Women’s World Cup features 32 teams. The host team fills the 32 slot, while the others are played for in qualifying phases. Its first phase is a group stage where the teams are split up into groups and play in a round-robin tournament. Then the best teams from the groups are selected for the knockout stage. This is a single-elimination tournament featuring 16 teams.

FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023 Schedule

The international football tournament starts on July 20th, 2023. The first match is New Zealand vs Norway. Australia vs Republic of Ireland is the second. The hosting countries are playing on the first day. Meanwhile, the knockout phase starts on August 5th, 2023. The playoffs for third place are being held on August 19th, 2023. The finals of the Women’s World Cup is on August 20th. It will be held at Stadium Australia or Accor Stadium in Sydney.

Here is a look at the groups:

  • Group A: New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Switzerland
  • Group B: Australia, Canada, Nigeria, Republic of Ireland
  • Group C: Costa Rica, Japan, Spain, Zambia
  • Group D: China, Denmark, England, Haiti
  • Group E: Netherlands, Portugal, Vietnam, United States
  • Group F: Brazil, France, Jamaica, Panama
  • Group G: Argentina, Italy, South Africa, Sweden
  • Group H: Colombia, Germany, Morocco, South Korea

How to Watch FIFA Women’s World Cup with ExpressVPN

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