Watch KSI vs Swarmz and Pineda Live Online

KSI vs Swarmz and PinedaKSI: 2 Fights 1 Night is going to be one of the most exciting boxing events of the year. JJ is a is a rapper, boxer, and YouTuber. He is set to fight twice in one night. These are both professional bouts. The card also features many other popular figures. The matches feature KSI fighting Swarmz and Luis Alcaraz Pineda. He is opener and the main event. The first is a English wrapper who has never boxed professionally. Pineda is a Mexican fighter who has competed in 7 total matches. KSI vs Swarmz and KSI vs Pineda is going to be an entertaining PPV bouts. Fans can watch it through DAZN. However, some international viewers may have difficulty accessing it due to geo-restrictions. Fans can watch KSI: 2 Fights 1 Night and avoid geo-restrictions with a VPN.

How to Use a VPN to Watch the KSI Fights

Here’s a quick guide for watching KSI vs Swarmz and KSI vs Pineda with a VPN.

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  • Cheer on your fighter through DAZN to broadcast the event.

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Before we get more in depth as to how to watch KSI vs Swarmz vs Pineda with a VPN let us tell you more about the benefits of using a VPN for watching sports. Sports often have blackout restrictions for multiple reasons. One is an attempt to encourage more people to go to the event. Another is that the broadcast is only available in certain countries or regions. A VPN can help you out in these situations because it allows you to change your IP address. It does this by allowing you to choose a server location and assigning you an IP address from the region. If you choose a server in an area that the event is watchable, then you will be able to stream it. A VPN also hides your IP address and helps protect your privacy.

Main Card Info

The exciting event is set to take place on August 27th, 2022. It is being held at The O2 Arena in London, England. The Nightmare, JJ, is currently undefeated as a professional boxer. This event is set to be an interesting one as his damage may effect his second bout. He is going to be the first and last fight of the event. Each has a total of 3 rounds. The other matches are four round fights. I hope you enjoy watching KSI vs Swarmz and KSI vs Pineda.

Here is the Card:

  • KSI vs Luis Alcaraz Pineda
  • FaZe Temperrr vs Slim Albaher
  • Deji Olatunji vs Fousey
  • King Kenny vs FaZe Sensei
  • Salt Papi vs Andy Warski
  • Sam Hyde vs IAmThmpsn
  • Deen the Great vs Evil Hero
  • KSI vs Swarmz

How to Watch KSI: 2 Fights 1 Night with ExpressVPN

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