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Rugby UnionRugby Union is one of the most popular forms of the sport. It is one of the toughest sports to play in the world. This version of rugby is a full contact sport. The current addition of the sport in the Olympics uses Rugby sevens. It is meant to make the game quicker. Rugby Union has 15 players in a match. This creates a more aggressive game with more contact. Each year, players train while playing in professional Rugby Union leagues.

The most talented men from each of the participating countries join together every 4 years to participate in one of the most prestigious tournament. It is the Rugby World Cup. Rugby Union is a great sport to watch. Since games are played internationally, they are not always available in your region. Many professional sports leagues use geo-restrictions. Join us as we teach you how to watch Rugby Union games with a VPN.

How to Use a VPN to Bypass Rugby Union Blackout Restrictions

Here’s a quick guide for watching Rugby Union with a VPN.

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  • Install the ExpressVPN browser extension, desktop, or mobile app.
  • Launch the ExpressVPN app and select a server in your chosen region. 
  • Cheer on your favorite team through BBC iPlayer or any of the popular streaming services that broadcast the games.

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Before we get more in depth as to how to watch Rugby Union games let us tell you more about how a VPN can help you. Rugby like many other popular sports has multiple leagues that has teams around the world. Some of these are more popular than others. Many times, you favorite team might not be viewable where you live. This is normally due to blackout restrictions that broadcasters implement. Meanwhile, the international leagues normally have geo-restrictions put on their games that prevent people from viewing them. A VPN can help you solve both of these problems. It does this by masking your own IP address and allowing you to choose a different region you would like to connect to. Once you have selected on it will assign you a new IP from that region of the world. You will appear as if you are located in a different place and as a result will be able to gain access to games that would otherwise be blocked. A VPN will help you avoid blackout restrictions and allow you to watch every game.

Rugby Union History and Info

Rugby as a sport started in the 19th century in England. It was originally played with a leather ball made out of pig. The first Rugby Union style game was played in 1870. As time progressed, the rules slowly changed to what they are today. The sport made its biggest debut internationally at the Summer Olympics of 1900. It stayed as a sport in the Olympics until 1924.Prior to its debut, a group that would later be recognized as World Rugby, formed to organize international competitions. Throughout the early and mid 20th century, the group brought in more countries to join in international competitions. The first ever Rugby World Cup was played for in 1987. The first country to ever win was New Zealand. Rugby Union has become an international sensation that has leagues across the world.

Rugby Union is slightly different from other versions of the sport. Two of the biggest differences are the number of players and amount of contact. Rugby Union has 15 players from each team out on the field at one time. They are divided into backs and forwards. Both the back and forwards have to contribute defensively and offensively to the game, but each has their main focus. The goal of the game is to progress the ball down the field and score points. They do this by either grounding the ball in the goal or kicking it through the posts. The first is called a try and it is worth 5 points. Teams that score a try also get to kick a conversion to score an extra two points. The other method is called a drop goal or penalty kick depending on the situation. It is worth 3 points.

The teams have to work together to covert points. The main way to do this is by passing the ball to each other. Unlike other similar sports, the ball can only be thrown backwards or laterally. Rugby Union is different because it allow for full contact. Tackling is crucial part of the sport. It is the main way used to keep their opponents from advancing the ball. A well made tackle could cause the opponents to lose the ball or force a line-out or scrum. They are where the whole team shines. They all must work together to push the other team way from the ball and recover for their own team. No one person can win the game on their own. Rugby is a great team based sport. Every group has a goal to win. Their are many competitions held yearly like Six Nations Championship and The Rugby Championship. Many players will even get to represent their countries in the Rugby World Cup. Rugby Union has great matches that I hope you enjoy watching.

Rugby Union Leagues:

  • Top 14
  • Major League Rugby
  • NRC
  • Premiership Rugby
  • Pro14
  • Rugby Premier League
  • Super Rugby
  • SuperLiga
  • Superliga Americana de Rugby

How to Watch Rugby Union Games with ExpressVPN

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