Watch UFC 292 Sterling vs O’Malley Live Online

UFCUFC 292, featuring the much-anticipated match between Sterling and O’Malley, is an event that mixed martial arts enthusiasts across the globe eagerly await. This high-energy face-off highlights two of the sport’s most dynamic and formidable fighters. Sterling, known for his powerful grapples and tenacity, brings a unique edge to the octagon, while O’Malley’s speed and precision striking have earned him a formidable reputation. This clash carries the potential to be a defining moment in both fighters’ careers, underscoring why UFC 292 is an unmissable event for fans worldwide. You can access the UFC PPV through ESPN+. However, if you are traveling, you may be blocked due to the geo-restrictions put in place. Fans can watch UFC 292 Sterling vs O’Malley and avoid geo-restrictions with a VPN.

How to Use a VPN to Bypass UFC 292 Blackout Restrictions

Here’s a quick guide for watching UFC 292 with a VPN.

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  • Install the ExpressVPN browser extension, desktop, or mobile app.
  • Launch the ExpressVPN app and select a server in your chosen region. ExpressVPN has servers in several US cities for viewing UFC events to bypass blackout restrictions.
  • Cheer on your fighter through ESPN+ or any of the popular streaming services that broadcast the event.

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Before we get more in depth as to how to watch UFC 292 Sterling vs O’Malley with a VPN let us tell you more about the benefits of using a VPN for watching sports. Sports often have blackout restrictions for multiple reasons. One is an attempt to encourage more people to go to the event. Another is that the broadcast is only available in certain countries or regions. A VPN can help you out in these situations because it allows you to change your IP address. It does this by allowing you to choose a server location and assigning you an IP address from the region. If you choose a server in an area that the event is watchable, then you will be able to stream it. A VPN also hides your IP address and helps protect your privacy.

The UFC has monthly PPV’s and other live events. They are available through ESPN+ and UFC Fight Pass. Some events will be geo-blocked for those from other regions of the world. UFC Fight Pass uses your region to determine the price you pay for the service and what content you can watch. Connecting to a VPN will help you avoid the blackout restrictions to cheer on your favorite fighters through their MMA careers.

UFC 292 Sterling vs O’Malley Main Card

The main card for UFC 292 is as stacked and thrilling as the headlining bout itself. It features a mix of rising talents and seasoned fighters, each bringing their distinctive fighting styles and strategies to the table, promising an unforgettable night of combat sports. The co-main event features another championship bout. Zhang Weili is defending her Women’s Strawweight championship against Amanda Lemos. Be sure to tune in to witness the action unfold, as each match could have significant implications on the rankings and future match-ups in their respective divisions. The anticipation is palpable, making UFC 292 a must-watch for any MMA enthusiast.

Here is the Main Card:

  • Aljamain Sterling (C) vs Sean O’Malley
  • Zhang Weili (C) vs Amanda Lemos
  • Ian Machado Garry vs Neil Magny
  • Da’Mon Blackshear vs Mario Bautista
  • Marlon Vera vs Pedro Munhoz

UFC 292 is set up to be a great event. The fights are going to be some of the largest of the year. Fans are excited to see multiple championship defenses. The odds for both the co-main and main events are in favor of the champions. The PPV is large for both the entertaining fights and the sports betting. If you would like to learn more about how to bet on UFC 292 check out our post on betting with FanDuel or DraftKings with a VPN.

How to Watch UFC 277 Pena vs Nunes with ExpressVPN

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Fighter Overview

Aljamain Sterling is an American professional mixed martial artist who currently competes in the Bantamweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Known for his dynamic fighting style and exceptional grappling skills, Sterling has made a significant impact in the world of MMA. His relentless determination and stellar performances have earned him not only the respect of his peers but also a dedicated fan base worldwide.

Sugar Sean O’Malley is a prominent figure in the world of mixed martial arts (MMA). Competing in the Bantamweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), O’Malley has gained recognition for his dynamic fighting style and charismatic personality. With a professional record that boasts numerous victories, O’Malley is a rising star in the industry, capturing the attention of fans and critics alike.

A potential match-up between Sterling and O’Malley promises to be an exciting and highly anticipated event in the MMA world. Both fighters bring unique skills and styles to the Octagon. Sterling, with his exceptional grappling skills, could pose a significant challenge to O’Malley. On the other hand, O’Malley’s dynamic fighting style and ability to adapt quickly would definitely test Sterling’s prowess. This clash of styles has the makings of a classic confrontation, offering both a riveting spectacle for the fans and a stern challenge for the fighters.


When is UFC 292 scheduled to take place?

UFC 292 is scheduled to take place on August 19th, 2023. Please note that the date is subject to change based on various factors.

How can I watch UFC 292 if I’m not in the US?

You can watch UFC 292 from anywhere around the globe using a VPN. A VPN allows you to bypass geo-restrictions by changing your IP address to a location where the broadcast is available. Watch the UFC PPV on ESPN+ and watch it from anywhere.

Who are the fighters headlining UFC 292?

The main event of UFC 292 features a match between Aljamain Sterling and Sean O’Malley, two of the most dynamic and formidable fighters in the Bantamweight division.

What other fights are on the UFC 292 card?

The UFC 292 card also features a Women’s Strawweight championship bout, with Zhang Weili defending her title against Amanda Lemos. The full card includes a mix of rising talents and seasoned fighters.

Where can I get updates and latest news about UFC 292?

Updates and the latest news about UFC 292 can be accessed through the official UFC website, ESPN+, and other reliable sports news platforms.